Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great new-ish Quilt Magazine

Thanks for the warm welcome from all you bloggers! It was a great surprise to find your comments so quickly. As you can tell I'm a quilter, quilter, quilter.....and as such want to share some tips, discoveries, new quilts and all the rest.... with as much humor as possible.

HUMOR! Have you seen the new-ish quilt magazine, Quilter's Home?? I got a copy at B&N and laughed my way through it. Now I am a charter subscriber with all the perks that entails (don't know if there are any...just thought it sounded good)!

Mark Lapinski is the editor and if there is anyone who thinks just this side of normal, Mark is the guy.

The magazine has quilts, of course, patterns, of course and the wildest range imaginable of everything else. A taste-test of chocolates, got it! High School pictures of well known quilters, got it! Paint and accessories to coordinate with the latest fabrics, got it. Weird sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek writing style, got it! AND he always puts a picture of himself on the cover!!!

Check it out...laugh out loud...try the drink of the month... and, NO!, I'm not being paid to say any of this. Can't wait to hear your take on this magazine.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A seam ripper named Jack

As quilters we all seam (oops, seem) to find ourselves facing that dreaded event: picking out, reverse quilting, un-sewing or ripping out the work we have just tried to do. Whatever the reason for undoing our work, we have to do it sometimes, and my comment on that topic is DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!!

Buy yourself several (as in 5 0r 6) long-handled, comfortable seam rippers.

There are several reasons for this recommendation.

A long handled ripper is easier to use. Your fingers/hands don't cramp and a ripper with a rounded or ball end fits comfortably in the palm of your hand (I like the red and white ergonomic rippers by Fons and Porter....OK, OK ....$o find a coupon or watch for a $ale).

Having several rippers means that they are all fairly sharp since you haven't dulled one by overuse. If you find one is dull and won't cut easily, Throw It Away! This tool uses the small muscles in your hand, and should not provide a major muscle workout.

Placing rippers in a variety of locations means you can find them easily and that they are available when needed. Try the side of your sewing machine, the ironing board, by the chair you sit in, in a workbasket or box and, my favorite, in front of the TV. The less time you spend searching, the quicker the job is done, the lower the frustration factor (as if it isn't high already) and you are back making forward progress on your project.

Finally, no matter how many rippers you have, they can all be named Jack, as in Jack the Ripper (Thank you Lisa Boyer!) The more seam rippers you have means the less time you will spend screaming "Jack!.....Jack!" as you search for your one and only (and the less time you will spend explaining to your family what, why or who "Jack" is).