Friday, August 29, 2008

Road To California Quilt Show 2009

I get to teach two classes at the Road To California Quilt Show in 2009! Can you believe it? I'm soooo excited!! The two quilts are Pinwheels on Point and Quilt as You Roll.

Pinwheels on Point is the all day class I'm teaching on Wednesday, January 14, the day before the show actually opens.
This quilt features a Layer Cake (those 10" square packs) and additional yardage. I decided to use a Layer Cake because they are fairly new and, goodness sakes, what do you do with them?
I hope you agree that this quilt is a good way to do something with them.
Because Layer Cakes feature the fabrics from a specific line, they are all different. Pairing the different colors and designs with a single fabric in pinwheels is a good way to unify them for a quilt.
Deciding on a layout was fun and (lucky you), I have included a layout sheet in the pattern. That way you can customize the quilt with the colors in the Layer Cake you choose.
Speaking of colors and fabric choices, you can select a Cake Layer or use yardage. Both options are given in the materials list. The fabric line I used was Hemming House by Moda but there are many, many, many !!! other beautiful collections that will work.
Patterns will be available from The Calico Horse in Redlands ( after September 15, 2008.
If you have questions about Pinwheels on Point please contact me through this blog, the Calico Horse, or my e-mail

Road To California Quilt

The Quilt as You Roll class is offered Thursday evening, January 15, 2009. Go to to sign up for the class.
This is the second of the two quilts I will be teaching at the 2009 Road to California Quilt Show. I named it Quilt as You Roll because it features a jelly roll and when its done, it is already quilted.

Quilt as You Roll is a simple looking quilt but offers several techniques you may want to learn. They include quilt-as-you-go (no further quilting needed), free motion (around the flowers) and raw edge binding. Plus the whole quilt is raw edged and has a comfy, cozy look.

Patterns and materials are available through the Calico Horse Quilt Shop in Redlands, CA (http://www.thecalicohorse/). The patterns will be available after September 15, 2008. If you have any questions you can reach me through this blog, the Calico Horse, or my e-mail:

Can't wait until Road to teach this cozy, raggy, snuggly quilt!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Big Combo: Piecing AND Applique

NO, the Big Combo is not a gigantic dinner plate at your favorite Mexican restraunt!!!

YES, it is the winning combination of piecing and applique!!

Here are some examples of Big Combos, my favorite type of quilting. Ya gotta admit, it does have it all!

This quilt is the combo of all combos. Its a sampler called 'Birds and the Bees' by Quilt Soup. I taught it as a class at the Calico Horse and did we have fun...pieced blocks, hand and machine applique blocks, hand piecing, we did it ALL!

The fabric line is Dandelion Girl by Moda and is the fabric used on the pattern picture itself. The other quilts were done in pinks and reds, one in blues, greens and yellows; and one in deep civil war reproduction fabrics. Pictures of those quilts are predicted for future blog entries.

Don't you just love these pears??!! This is an oldie but goodie from Blueberry Hill Quilt Designs called 'Pears & Pinwheels'. It's done in indigo fabrics (One of my favorites!) and hangs over my guest bed. The piecing is pretty straight forward and the applique pears are fused and just top stitched around the edges. Perfect combo!!
'Entangled' by Simple Pleasures was really a pleasure to make. Fun crazy quilt background blocks are made from light batiks. Then the hearts and vines are appliqued over the top of each block. I used a feather stitch and lots of machine applique on each block before I assembled the rest of the top. I love the angled pieces in the border. As long as you keep the same angle, you can do as many pieces as you want. What fun! What a combo!