Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quilt Photos

Finally, photos!

The learning curve was steep, the physcological block was dense, and the willingness to seek help was buried behind the 'how hard can it be" door. BUT, the skill has finally arrived !!! (Just don't ever say the words "scroll down and hit open" if you expect a response to your comment.)
This quilt is named 'Button-up Buttercup' by FriendFolks. The flowers and centers are raw edged and double fabric so they really fray up. Tell me pinks and browns aren't wonderful together! The 'Button-up' part of the pattern included large buttons in the centers of the flowers, but the quilt looks great without them too. This quilt is not brand-new, BUT it is one of my favorites and has led to several successful classes.


Cheryl said...

WOW - great photo Susan!! Happy Birthday to you. See you Tuesday.

Donna said...

Hey Susan
Love that quilt:) Getting that photo on pretty impressive. Happy Birthday

Ulla said...

Nice photo of a lovely quilt!
- Just popped in to tell you that I'm now the happy owner of an 8" block ruler and of a triangle ruler!

Mar said...

This is beautiful, love the brown and pink.