Monday, May 19, 2008

Rulers Rule

Ready for some ruler rules??? Well, my words of wisdom really fall short of rules. Basically, I think your favorite and best ruler is the one you are used to! Sounds like a cop-out I know, but it is true. Some how we seem to like best whatever it is we know.

BUT, here are some general comments on the rulers I use lots and lots.

*6" x 24" (or 6 1/2" x 24 1/2") is a BASIC. You need it to cut from the fold to the selvage when you use yardage.

*9 1/2" square or a 12 1/2" square is a BASIC. They are used to square finished blocks and since most quilt blocks fall between 6" and 12" square, these two cover most needs. You can get square rulers in almost any size and can buy one to fit any block size imaginable but either of these will do you to start.

* 6 1/2" x 18" (or anything approaching that size) is NICE TO HAVE. A shorter ruler is great on fat quarters and smaller cuts. You don't have to fight lots of extra ruler length just to make a short cut.

* 16 1/2" square (or larger) is NICE TO HAVE. This giant one is great for squaring the finished quilt top but you can use the smaller squares too.

Other rulers come in millions of shapes and sizes...some you need for special cuts (flying geese, tri-recs, circles, etc) but they can be bought for a specific quilt rather than general use.

Ruler colors vary and my rule of thumb is to ask what works best with your eyes. Not the COLOR of your eyes!!!! How well you eyes see!!!

As I grow older (Oh no! not the 'as I grow older' excuse) I seem to have a harder time with the yellow or green lined rulers, but I did use them for years and years. Now I tend toward the black line rulers and if I need to mark a certain line I use the colored transparent tapes.

Sorry, no pearls of wisdom here, not even very funny stuff. If you're a beginner , though, I think this will help you.

This is a great place for me to take a survey. Comment on the ruler YOU like best. We may find we have an interesting piece to submit to Quilters Home. I promise to use you name (or alias) if we do get published.


Ulla said...

Hi Susan, I only have one ruler and it is 16 x 60 cm (appr. 6" x 24"), with black lines. Works fine with my brown eyes from the fifties ;) .I'm thinking of getting a biggish square ruler too.

Cheryl said...

Hi See Susan Save Cheryl's Life!! I love my Creative Grid Rulers. I like that you can flip them around and get those l/2 inch measurements and also the non skid circles on them! See you Thursday.

kcenya1950 said...

Also love the Creative Grid rulers and my 6.5 x 24 is absolutely my favourite. I too have trouble with the ones with yellow lines. I don't have too many specialty rulers -- i can never remember how to use them so i have to keep a notebook with all their instructions -- that's why i only have a few -- if you have to look up how to use them then it must not be a help, but a hindranceA!