Monday, July 21, 2008


Peaceful piecing, what could be better or more true? Piecing is a true love of mine (although applique is pushing in somewhat). It is so satisfying to see those bits and pieces of cut fabric come together and make a beautiful block, then go on to make a complete quilt.

The 'Crow's Foot' quilt from Wednesday's Best (Indygo Junction) was truly a piecing pleasure. I guess adding applique crows turns a bear paw into a crow's foot, huh?

This is a tiny ( 18" x 22") quilt I made in a Jo Mortin class (not with Jo Mortin, just a class). There was this fabric with the 2" x 2" printed quilt motifs on it. I just knew there was the perfect use for it and there it was! The centers for the log cabin blocks.

Hot Stars and Cool Nights or was it Cool Nights and Hot Stars? I named this quilt one of those two titles. Either one works, though, doesnt it? This is my color interpretation of Monterrey Medallions by Atkinson Designs. Her pattern is scrappy and most of the ones students made in class were scrappy too. Of course, I had to be different. This one will hang in the 'Teacher' section at Road To California in January of '09.

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Donna said...

Your quilts look wonderful. I can never look at too many quilts, No matter how many times you see them. Keep up the good job